When you fart and come at the same time.
"My girlfriend gave me a blumpkin and I Farked everywhere."
by Onearm Bandit April 24, 2012
Fark means to waste $5 a month trying to be defined by insults, boob shots, racist epithets, scabs, pustules, goiters, dendroids, dermoids, and all other kinds of disgusting ephemera.

To Fark someone means to whisper tenderly in their ear how much you dislike them while you slowly and silently ease from your sphincter smells that would make maggots gallop.
"Do you like my boobs?"

"Your undermoobs are unremarkable."

"Fark you."

"Show me your insulin pump."

"Oh, Daddy."
by Jay Leno's Latest Victim February 04, 2010
A:fark , used to get past censors in chat rooms , meaning fuck

B:the noise made , coinciding with a solid hit or whack to the stomach
A:go ahead ban me , see if i give a fark you tub of farklard , fark you.

B:dont throw the ball you son of a b, FARK!
by wookiecam September 11, 2007
When a dog barks, and then farts a couple seconds later
Dude, my dog just did a fark!
by Billy fuckin mays October 18, 2010
The ploral form of 'moose'.
Aubrey: HOLY POOP EMILY! look at that big field of Fark over yonder!
Emily: Gee Wizz! That must be Sarah Palin's Fark Breeding Farm!
by fdaklfd September 26, 2009
To fark is, quite simply, to park and fuck.
"So we were in my car, right? And she asks me to pull over because she wants to fark!"

"We totally farked at the drive-in movie last night."
by ohmyfark July 18, 2009
What most of us understand to be a pronged eating utensil or split in the road. "Fark" is the midwestern/southern pronunciation of "fork".
Hey Billy Bob, could you please warsh the knives and farks?
by farkedtongue February 21, 2009

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