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1. Cyber-plaza where stories, comments, individuality and creativity are promoted.
2. Hang out for sociophobes, psychopaths, perverts, losers, 4ax0rs, l33ts, kittys and Admiral Ackbar.
3. A good waste of bandwidth.
Drew spilled beer on the fark server again.
by Orius September 03, 2002
Aphrodesiacal elixr made from the crushed body parts of the blister beetles Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria. Purported to arouse those that ingest it. Toxic in large quantities.

Any arousal stemming from Spanish Fly is mild and not at all like the Beastie Boys would have you believe.
Put some Spanish fly in her drink and she'll be crawling all over you (you wish).
by Orius September 03, 2002
1. Possessing a deviant mind.
2. Reads fark.
That farker is gonna get us all killed.
by Orius September 03, 2002
We've got a victim coming in to Ambulance bay 2 that was riding a donor machine.
by Orius September 04, 2002
craptacular. adj. 1. an extremely sarcastic description of an undesireable object, state, or predicament.

Origin: combination of the words crap and spectacular to form a one-word cynical remark.
Life in Minneapolis in the 70's was crapacular.
by Orius September 03, 2002
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