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3 definitions by HeppCat

When a dog barks and flatulates simultaneously.
My dog ate a bunch of broccoli and now he's farking his head off at the mailman.
by HeppCat December 02, 2013
the quality or condition of describing or otherwise recreating any scent with such preciseness that it almost summons forth the aroma in the listener's nose.
"Her house smelled like cat pee and feet with just a hint of three-day-old Taco Bell farts."
"Phew! Man, you nailed it...and with such olfaccuracy. I can almost smell it."
by HeppCat December 29, 2011
A bro's sandwiched arm during the mid-five handshake/pull-in of a bro hug.

The bro bar's purpose is to ensure a manly distance between two bros, obstructing any close contact that could be construed as effeminate.
"The only thing that will ever come between you and me, bro,...is our bro bars."

"Dude, I've missed you, too. But, loosen the bear hug a little. You're gonna snap my bro bar if you keep squeezing me so tightly."
by HeppCat December 17, 2011