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stalking people via facebook
Alae is a falker and has been falking that guy Nick all year.
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by Sean Armistead October 05, 2007

1. To spend an undefined - but inordinate - amount of time going through the links, interests, friends, relationships, photos, profile, etc. of a person on facebook.

2. To Stalk via Facebook

*Please note, falking has neither a negative or positive connotation and it has no reflection on the sanity of the person engaged in the act.
"Oh man, I spent 2 hours falking this chick from high school last night."

"You had sex with a chick from high school?"

"No, no, no, I said falking. It means I facebook stalked a chick from high school. Then I had sex with her."
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by Smooth In PVille May 11, 2009
Facebook + Stalking = Falking
I will falk
I falked
I am falking
"I falked him all night"
"She came over and we were falking so many random people"
"when I was sick, all i did was falk"
"You can't falk your friends! you have to falk random people you don;t know!"
#facebook #stalking #falk #falked #stalker
by Kate - Olivia February 22, 2007
A term coined by "Jess's Mom"; a cunning linguist if there ever was one!

Falking is a term used to describe phone sex with/or without Tigers involved. Also referred to as Textual intercourse.

The word was first coined while "Jess" was in the middle of Falking with an unknown man/woman or tiger. It was like a bad parenting commercial.

Jess: Baby! I miss you so much. I'll call you tonight Falk my brains out!

Tiger: RAWR!
#falking #phone sex #tigers #parenting #textual intercourse
by Suck on these Chinese nuts. April 19, 2010
To facebook stalk someone. To look through all of someones photos.
Dude, last night I was falking this chick with massive boobies.
#stalk #facebook #stalking #predator #creeping
by Panda Handz December 12, 2010
facebook stalking...

stalking anyone on facebook...
val: "did you see Kat's new pictures on her wall? those pics were awesome"

igor: "dude, you gotta stop falking"

val: "i know, i just cant help it"

igor: "hahaha"
#stalking #stalk #facebook #facebook stalking #no stalk
by alfon pres-b May 27, 2010
Short for 'facebook stalking'
"I had to defriend this guy on facebook because he was seriously falking me. Every time I'd update my status or upload a photo he'd post a comment within 5 minutes. Such a creepy experience. Have you been falked before?"
#facebook #stalking #creepy #defriend #online harassment
by CharlieB78 October 03, 2009
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