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A word in the urbandictionary that is lacking definition.
This word was previously undefined.
by Denis Baldwin June 03, 2004
See the example below.
See the above definition for undefined.
by Mr. Bodkin Newberry August 17, 2007
The word that just popped up when you searched for a word that isn't in urban dictionary.
You: WTF!11!!ONE!!! UNDEFINED??!?!?!! WTF!
by PiracyX September 09, 2009
What you wish half of the words on here were.
Undefined. Magical Word.
by Jaibow August 26, 2011
What you see when someone deletes your definition.
This word is undefined
by mesoiam February 06, 2005
undefined is just what it says
That is undefined to the MAX

by stav August 10, 2004

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