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to facebook stalk, or to continually check on someone's facebook homepage to gather information
I was falking Suzy the other day and she is now dating joe.
by Lukie12 May 06, 2008
Verb. A contraction or blending of the words 'talk' and 'fuck'.
To falk is to hold an erotic conversation, by telephone or IM, ideally leading to a long-distance orgasm by both parties.
falked, falking, falker.
He'd call, and we'd falk for hours.
I love the way you falk to me!
A master of words, his IMs would falk me into ecstacy.
by Sonni Hopkins November 21, 2006
a beast, normally one that swims. really fast
like a unicorn
sometimes the spawn of chuck norris
we aren't really sure what they are
"Hey did you see that thing??"

"Yeah, I think it was a Falk!"
by jackson12kk May 18, 2009
A Verb. A contraction, or a blending of the verbs 'to talk', and 'to f*ck'.
To falk is to hold conversation, via IM or by telephone, erotic by nature, that leads to a long-distance orgasm of both parties.
I can't wait to falk with you!
I love the way you Falk with/to me!
by sonni hopkins November 20, 2006
a common term for stalking people on facebook. it is a combination of the two words "facebook" and "stalk"
John - "Hey! Have you falked anyone lately??"
Matt - "Yeah, I sure did. Just yesterday in fact."
by kb2008 February 03, 2010
pronounced 'faulk'

To stalk on Facebook. This may be done by viewing pictures or monitoring comments. News Feed has made falking more acceptable.
Sorry I was falking you, but I saw you were planning on going to the party tonight. Do you want a ride?
by DoubleDey August 15, 2010
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