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The act of Facebook stalking. Investigating a person's life through the rifling of their status updates, wall posts, and pictures.
Frank: Hey bro, why are you taking so long on the computer?
Donnie: I'm falking this hot chick I found through my friend's profile.
by Moomoo<3 August 25, 2011
The act of fighting physically while talking at the same time.
After the basketball match Ryan and Chris were seen falking in the locker room.
by Lil mad January 10, 2011
Falking = stalking + facebook.

Falking is the act of stalking someones facebook page.
I was falking his page last night and I ended up wasting 3 hours but I learned a lot about him from falking. I know we are not compatible in dating.
by Hedmark November 24, 2010
The Act Of Stalking Someone On Facebook.
Bob: Oh My God, I Just Looked At All Of Janes Pictures On Facebook, And She Is So HOTT!

Bill: Damn Bro, You Were just Falking Her Facebook!
by MrJoshClaps February 04, 2010
the action of stalking someones Facebook.
I was falking my friends boyfriend to see if he was cute.
by yoheathur January 14, 2012
Falking is a term used to refer to unknown and persistant stalking by individuals on Facebook.
Gill: "hey I went on a date with that girl I met on eHarmony
John: "Isn't that the hot girl that you friended last week on Facebook?"

Gill: "sort of. We're not friends, I'm was Falking her before our date . She gave me her email address and I used Gmail to get her last name. I had to track her down, to make sure she was cool before the date"
John: "so, how was the date?"
Gill: Ah . . .not so good, I'll just keep "Falking" her until she updates her security on Facebook, her pics are pretty hot.
by superkustom January 17, 2011