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via - By way of.

When driving to a corner, stop via the street light.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
A really weird person you can't find a girl like Via.

She's special and unique her personality is special and shes beautiful too

shes modest about herself and really shy but shes crazy inside
shes a really great friend and shes always there for people no matter what.
Shes more than perfect. Shes VIA.
by rosieposie1234567890 October 24, 2011
via is like thru something
r u trying to molest me VIA drive thru

~Dane Cook
by hhgjkjh October 16, 2006
Chipset manufacturer.

I.E. VIA has made several chipsets for AMD Processors.
My motherboard has a VIA chipset.
by dipso January 07, 2004
A really fat girl who likes to roll on the floor laughing.
Damn Via lay off the candy...

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