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Sliding your cock in and out of someone's mouth usually while holding their head still or moving it in opposition to the movement of your hips.
She didn't bob while she gobbled my knob so i face fucked her.
by gregssa February 07, 2004
When a female lays on a bed with her head hanging of the end. she bends her head back so that the throat is straightend so that a penis can be inserted without resistance. The male continues to insert and remove his penis in a fast pace.
Jenny is lazy so Matthew has to face fuck her every time
by MIKE DICHELLO August 03, 2005
When a dude fucks your face when your blowing him
My man kept fucking the shit out of my face last night and then gave me a pearl necklace!
by Sanchezgiver January 10, 2004
To grab the back of someones head, stick your dick in their mouth and then ram it down their throat repeatedly. Good style will result in good gag-reflex action
Jane got facefucked

If you don't shut up I'm gonna facefuck you
by mr_pr August 05, 2006
to stick your dick inside one's mouth and repeatedly jab it down their throat.
I want to facefuck Joe Contreras.
by corpse grinder July 11, 2003
When a guy fucks a chick's face with his dick when she's sucking on it.
holy shit, john face fucked me so hard last night that he cummed a whole river down my throat. I love swallowing his hot, creamy cum. And I'm glad he cummed a lot too cuz it tastes like pineapples. Sure I was choking on his dick but whatever.......
by IceFang587 February 24, 2014
When you repeatedly ram your dick down someone's throat to cum because you didn't bring a condom with you. You aren't cool if you haven't done it at least once and it is quite the accomplishment.
They told me I could FaceFuck her in the back of the fire truck as long as I didn't make a mess.
by Drank15BeersButWantGeorgiVodka January 09, 2012
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