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the Italian word for "peace"

used as a greeting or farewell

most often accompanied with the visual peace sign made with the index and middle finger being the only extended
-*walks into a room" Pace.

-Bye. Love you.
- Love you. Pace.

by Kacky October 12, 2005
An italian word translated to english which means peace
Io voglio pace=i want peace
by Vasco De Gama April 09, 2005
A acrynym for a girl from pace florida meaning
Man those girls from pace are crazy.
by Milto Fo Sho January 27, 2009
Referring to someones speed.
Damn you slow as shit, you cant keep up with my pace.
by EnSabahNur December 28, 2013
a word meaning sick, awesome, cool
guy 1: that poster's cool
guy 2: naa mate it's pace
by asdfghjkl;18784125 February 25, 2012
Parking Authority of East Lansing: Vultures who wait until 2 minutes before you get back to your car at an expired meter to give you a ticket, every. goddamn. time.
I owe over 300 dollars to those P.A.C.E. sons of bitches.

Those blood sucking vampires got me again. DAMN YOU P.A.C.E.!

Mother Fucker. P.A.C.E. just got me.
by P Russ April 23, 2011
Precision, Accuracy, Creativity, Excellence
Todd and Jay the best Flankers/1st 5s in the world. P.A.C.E
by Chezy_Boi June 13, 2008
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