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To be under the influence of Dextromethorphan (DXM); or Dextromethorphan Hidrobromide (DXM HBR).
I love sliding, especially when listening to trpppy music.
by Ian Glenn May 10, 2007
When a girl is on her period so won't sleep with you and you end up sleeping somewhere else, like a slide in a park.
Laurel: "Did you sleep with that really pretty girl at the weekend?"
Moonbear: "No she was sliding. Selfish bint. And it was cold."
by Maddie 6 December 14, 2009
The act of placing one's penis parallel along a man's asscrack and sliding it in an up and down manner until he blows his load on the slidee's back, and it gets cleaned up in a way that "you don't want to know" about.
"Ugh...Cody was texting me about the time he was sliding Justin after their date night last week."
"Fuck...that's gorzz
by goochiefivethousand September 10, 2010

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