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vitanamise for "go, go quickly", and it is pronounced "diddy mow", NOT "diddy mowuu"
move, di di mau
by Giovanni January 14, 2004
Receiving anal pleasures, as in taking dick in the butt; most often used to describe homosexuals
Damn, that guy loves the D in the B
by giovanni January 01, 2003
A penis pertaining to or replicating the image of the miniscule aquatic organism, the shrimp.
Bahhhhhhhh, that dude's got a shrimp dick. Hahaha, everybody point and laugh!!!
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
1. A phrase referring to the infatuation of the male sex organ. More commonly used to tease friends or label a gay man, it can also be used for women.
2. A friendly name to call someone.
1. Wow, that guy just loves the cock.
2. Hey, loves the cock, go get me a beer.
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
A term used for any currency.
"Yo nigga, hit me up with some of that flibbah flabbah, I needa get some food."
by Giovanni August 14, 2004
The spabula is the anatomical region between the butthole and the nutsack.After a very long hike with a sandy crotch, this area can become inflamed, leading to 'spabulitis'.
'Shit, my spabulitis is flaming'
by Giovanni April 26, 2003
When a turtle sticks his head out, touches cloth and then retreats back into the bomb-bay doors, not to be seen again for several hours.
Whoa, I had a scary tegget earlier this morning.
by Giovanni May 20, 2003
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