A unique male organism that engages in the primitive act of giving turkey surprises to his female peons. Dylan's turkey surprise begins by producing ball cheese through multiple weeks without washing his balls. Scrape the soft yellow substance from both sides of the ball sack onto clean dinner plate. This will serve as the base flavor for the female and her family during the thanksgiving dinner. Then defecate into a five speed blender and add three table spoons of vomit to add a nice creamy crunch. Blend for thirty seconds and put in fridge to cool. While waiting to cool, ejaculate onto the floor and wait for the cum to harden and become a thin pancake like substance. Take the now cool crap-a-chino from the fridge and poor it into the anus of the cooked turkey. Place turkey on top of the ball cheese lathered plate and crumble up the cum pancake to add crumbs on top of the turkey. Serve to females family. Once the family is done complimenting you of the delightful crap you have made them, tell them how you made it and watch them puke on your cherry wood table. Then collect the vomit and save for next thanksgiving. Please recycle.
Dylan: hey babe, stop doing your sorority squats with the friends you paid to have and try my crap-a-chino.

Girlfriend: that sounds wonderful.

Dylan: When you are done, please puke in one spot to make it easier to recycle.

Girlfriend: like totally, then Ill go back to triangle triangle funny looking e and fuck some ugly fat loser for some beer.

Dylan: thats my girl.
by thatguy.> October 07, 2012
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Guy with an incredibly huge penis and is totally awsome compared to any bitch ass Russians.

(if you know anybody named dylan next time you see him give him a high five unless your a chick in that case give him a hug but no fatties)
Dylan is that guy at school or in your town that your totally in love or gay for unless your his friend
by dapf December 15, 2007
The most amazing person on earth who makes you feel great about yourself. Good listener and an amazing boy <3
That boy is such a Dylan- so amazing and sweet!
by flyingfree December 23, 2008
A Dylan is the most amazing guy on the planet. He is typically a nerd. A really hot nerd who should take his shirt off more often. Dylans usually have wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and glasses. They enjoy playing video games and watching geeky movies and TV shows like Star Wars or Chuck. They tend to listen to classic and alternative rock, and they hate country and Justin Bieber. A Dylan has the best sense of humor you will ever come across. He is extremely silly, but he is also a very sweet, caring boyfriend. He would never pressure a girl to do anything she wasn't ready for. Dylans appreciate and love their families. They will make their girlfriends bacon. A girl who holds the heart of a Dylan is a very lucky girl indeed!
My boyfriend Dylan is the sweetest guy in the world!
by Rapunzel11 December 08, 2011
A person who can be childish at times, and is great at fucking things up, but would never try to hurt or embarass the person he likes.
-That brownie dylan made her mad.
-How did he do that?
- He was way too brown for his own good.
by Douschy May 19, 2008
Usually known as the most amazing boyfriend on the planet. Typically a Wonderful friend and Amazing kisser.

Listens and is always there for you no matter what. Loves unconditionally and is

Just downright a fantastic, extraordinary, miraculous human being. You'd be

lucky to be loved by him... But given his Amazing-factor... He is probably

already Spoken for. Too bad.
He's my Dylan... and i've never been this happy in my entire life.
by Ehbeey May 09, 2009
a realy nice guy, who a lot of people like, most people would say he was cute or hot. and if your names dylan im guessing theres some chikys out there that like you.
Girl 1: the dylan guy over there is so hot
Girl 2: i know
by a_girl_whos_in_love November 06, 2008
A very cool person, can be stubborn at times, forgives very easily.
1. Have you seen that new kid named dylan?
2. Man that dylan is so stubborn.
3. Have you and dylan made up yet, yeah.
by baseballdj August 27, 2008
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