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A very cool person, can be stubborn at times, forgives very easily.
1. Have you seen that new kid named dylan?
2. Man that dylan is so stubborn.
3. Have you and dylan made up yet, yeah.
by baseballdj August 27, 2008
994 379
A Dylan is quite possibly one of the sweetest people alive. Finding a Dylan is like an epiphany. A fun, cute, country boy that knows how to treat a woman. Dylan's tend to get along with everyone, because everyone likes a Dylan. Dylan's are smart, funny, and kind. If you get a hold of a Dylan, don't let go because you'll regret it. Sometimes spelled Dillon, sometimes you can refer to a Dylan as Dyll (or Dill)<3.
Dylan came and picked me up last night, we had the best time! He was sooo respectful to my parents and I can't wait for our next date :).
by hippiekittykeg August 14, 2009
1049 610
The most AMAZING boyfriend that any girl could ask for. Dylan is smart, sexy, funny and absolutely adorable. He may have some weird tendensies but that's what makes him so perfect. His smile instantly makes you feel happy and he has FANTASTICALLY awesome hair. Also an extremely great kisser ;)
I love Dylan. He's tha bestest (:
by Rixxar September 14, 2011
803 379
Broken Penis caused by walking, slamming or, running into something or someone.
Haha he dylaned himself when his mom wakled in.
by DickCheezeSmegmaFucker December 27, 2002
2724 2320
One who can be irresistable, funny, true, good natured, creative, chill and smells way good.

Usually Dylan comes with a fun package. No not that kind. But he always makes your day better. Dylan's are usually very cute and easy to have a crush on. Most people of this name are also very real, true, down to earth, and also know how to make you feel the heat of the moment when it's right. Of course, they give you the choice to try something.That's fairness. Flirty and seductiveness is their natural talent.
Yesterday I got a ride with Dylan back home, I feel comfortable around him.
by chocolate booty November 03, 2010
306 156
In short, dylan means someone with a large gorilla penis who likes to eat mangos and relax on the beach.

Usually described in social situations as a God among men
That dylan is the best!
Can you pass me that dylan?
by dkrazy09 May 11, 2009
397 258
A boy or girl. They are loving and all around amazing. They are very smexy and can be extremely sarcastic! They can make you feel better than anyone can and they would never willingly hurt someone's feelings unless the person says something to them first. They are usually tall, extremely smart, kind, and creative. Everyone should love a Dylan. The best word to describe Dylans are lovely.
My friend Dylan is really smexy!
by DaisyDelilah February 04, 2010
266 173