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What most adults act like...
WW1,and 2, all wars, Holocaust, 9-11, slavery...etc
by Lindsay February 25, 2003
To act with qualities of a child. Most often considered negative, however, children also have positive qualities. Therefor, Childish can be positive... such as cute, whimsical, and playful. It can also be neutral. Somebody who curls up at night with a stuffed animal is childish, but this is not the least bit negative.
Awww... my GF is so cute and childish, I'm gonna go get her some Hello Kitty stuff.
by Hello Jessica July 12, 2008
What many adults prentend not to be, and what many childen aren't.
Bob "I'm so childish"
Steve "Nothing wrong with bein' childish now and then. We all are at some point."
by Fly Attack December 21, 2009
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