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short abbreviation for "that" often used in msn, by people who just cba to type evry lettr...
person1: "hey, do you know what froogle is?"

person2: "whats tht?"
by name?..u dont need 2 know that!! October 02, 2006
Used by people who are too lazy to move their finger over to the letter "a" on the keyboard. Used in lolspeak.
Me: Have you seen the new slap chop infomercial?
Guy: What's tht?
Me: You mean what's that? Are you really too lazy to type one extra letter?
Guy: ......
by UD Pimp August 11, 2009
Use to describe an event that failed.
Or a event that goes very bad.
Also referred to a crap movie.

Abbreviation from the feature film 'The Human Test' the biggest movie failure since Citizen Kane.
Mostly used in the UK where the movie has been made.
Oh man, that production was THT.

I tried a move on that girl yesterday, was fine at the beginning but turned THT when she saw me naked.

Oh dear that movie was a copy-cat of THT.
by ChrisWoollard September 25, 2010
An abbreviation for "think happy thoughts". Usually used in a farewell.
Toodles and THT!

(Since this stupid "Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words" I shall type this.)
by SugarSpider July 01, 2005
Tryhard twat.
Anne, have you noticed how Steve is such a tht?
Yep, it's getting annoying.
by Monsoonnnnnnnnn February 10, 2013
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