that shirt is dusty
by Teztoris March 07, 2012
Name that works best on a girl. She is usually pretty and is admired my most, hated by some, routinely called "sexy as fuck" and she loves to have fun.
Damn man, Dusty is so hot.
by ayechch December 26, 2010
One weird ass guy. He usually drives a Toyota. He has stupid facial hair, and he likes dick in his ass
"dude look at that kid, that nigga is Dusty as hell"

"dude, i dont want to date you, you Dusty as fuck"
by matsonic_414 March 14, 2011
Someone who looks creepy or uninviting.
Man, that guy looks dusty!
-- That's cause he's a pedophile.
Oh, it makes sense now, what a creep.
by goingnowhere45 June 11, 2009
A thug, but gentleman in some ways. An Oreo,, white on the inside and acts like a black person. Usually loved by many snd hated by none. A guy who amazingly makes a girl fall in love in a heart beat. hugs you from behind. Very sweet,caring and respectful. super hot. cute. handsome. A guy who's been through a lot but manage to keep a smile all day everyday-- THUG. <3
Dusty's a good guy.
by Thug.Life October 08, 2011
Dusty: (To Be Dusty) Douchbag or Dusty

This is the type of guy who looks so perfect, you know that they are the most sneakiest sly guys there is out there.

When you come across a "dusty"you might think the following
-omg.. he's the most godly looking human on the planet
-that guy is a dusty, look at him flirting over there
-Thinks he's all good, and you know he knows hes a dusty
-Hey! im going to the bar, maybe ill be a little dusty
-Why not that guy, for sure hes a dusty
by IveBeenDusted June 19, 2011
When you go untouched for a specific amount of time.
Man he hasnt had any in 40 days and 40 nights, his shit is probably dusty.
by starliet13 April 13, 2010

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