When a person is bad at combacks they are dusty
Damn, Julian was dusty during 6th period
by Coolyo December 14, 2015
The single-handed, most amazing friend you will meet. He'll take your heart with one look, and never let go. He may leave in reality but will always be there. He has a morphsuit, and is so adorable. He can totally pull it off. He is in love with a girl that doesn't know it. Well I think. Everybody loves him, even though he is selfless and doesn't know it. I will always love Dusty.
Hey look theres a Dusty!
#sweet #caring #considerate #kind #and reliable.
by Mrs.Strudel October 31, 2010
Belfast slang for dust caps which spides use on pimped-out vehicles. May also refer to nipples in cold weather conditions or erotic intervals.
Spide: "Where did you get them dusties?!"


Girl: "It's so cold! My nipples are like dusties!"
#boobs #cars #tits #belfast #ireland #irish #dustys #dust caps #nipples
by AXM March 28, 2011
A faggot bitch nigga that likes to suck some major dick also known as leather tongue Larry :p
This nigga dusty is a fag haha
#rusty #crusty #dusty #leather #sucker
by Xx420Xx February 21, 2015
that shirt is dusty
#legit #amazing #dope #fucking rad #sexy
by Teztoris March 07, 2012
Everything good. Whether you mean perfect, sexy, good, amazing, awesome, beautiful, you name it.
Guy: Damn! That girl is so dusty!

Girl: That guy I was with was so dusty.

"That was such a dusty night...duuuuuusty."

"Yo, that's dusty."
#frosty #salty #dusty #rusty #musty
by Hollow-Crown January 07, 2013
A thug, but gentleman in some ways. An Oreo,, white on the inside and acts like a black person. Usually loved by many snd hated by none. A guy who amazingly makes a girl fall in love in a heart beat. hugs you from behind. Very sweet,caring and respectful. super hot. cute. handsome. A guy who's been through a lot but manage to keep a smile all day everyday-- THUG. <3
Dusty's a good guy.
#thug #cute #good-looking #sexy #adorable
by Thug.Life October 08, 2011
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