When you go untouched for a specific amount of time.
Man he hasnt had any in 40 days and 40 nights, his shit is probably dusty.
by starliet13 April 13, 2010
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A dumb hockey player who likes to use this word to sound cool. He can stop being "dusty" text a girl back and stop talking to his nasty ex.
by VSbetch38 September 22, 2011
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(adj) used to describe a person who is

1.) Hating on someone
2.) Not cool
3.) Nosy
Alex: *mumbles* F@gs
Joe: What's that? *wipes finger on shirt and sniffs* "achooo!" damn son you dusty
Alex: .....
by ginger.n.hat.boy March 24, 2011
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Being a scrub and are so oblivious to how stupid you look, act, talk, etc...Mostly reflective on the "dusty" clothes you ware such as nessio, stussy, shit bought from marshalls or ross....
Man that fool is dusty
by DirtyQ April 11, 2005
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A highly Unattractive male who has lots of chest hair AKA hamburger meat. He drives a shitty beat up stick shift car and his room resmebles that of a 12 year old boys, with his fish tank and jr size mattress. A Dusty is into one night stands and picks up young unsuspecting broads with his unique and seductive pick up lines...
Dusty: Hey I can get you a job at Texas Roadhouse

Catie (unsupecting broad): How far is your house from here?
by Katie Hauszell February 22, 2010
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Belfast slang for dust caps which spides use on pimped-out vehicles. May also refer to nipples in cold weather conditions or erotic intervals.
Spide: "Where did you get them dusties?!"


Girl: "It's so cold! My nipples are like dusties!"
by AXM March 28, 2011
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DeMarcus pledged Kappa Sigma instead of Kappa Alpha Psi, he's such a dusty.
by Theloneb March 21, 2005
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