To hook up with a member of the opposite sex. To have sexual intercourse.
Joe went to do the Dustys with Kate, he should be done soon.
by EggSandwich October 28, 2007
Dusty - (v) To be thirsty ; to beg
Girl: Heey Sexy . Can you send me a pic.
Boy: no.
Girl: please ?
Boy; Bitch you dusty
by CgeJake May 12, 2014
A form of drug taken by snorting or sniffing. Typically found under couches, chairs, or the bathrooms at walmart.
I found some dusties under the bed and I snorted them before brunch.
by Wolfames January 28, 2009
Dusty is slang for something that could be perceived as homosexual. Derived from the acronym "DUST" meaning Dial Up the Show Tunes.
I can't tell if the new kid at school is artistically eccentric or if he's actually dusty. I mean does he like West Side Story or does he like penis?
by NotCool August 13, 2015
Dusty is the girl that will date anyone and suck a dick for free, she goes to church every Sunday but when it's over she's on the parking lot giving blow jobs
That girl dusty will blow anyone
by 18stormy April 14, 2015
your messed up or just plain ugly or rude
eh bruv ur chick is dusty (clapped)
by fadezz_ldn February 27, 2015
Drawing you tag on a dusty window and seeing how long it takes smeone of authority to notice them
Jack: No Teachers have spotted Manaias Dusties in B Block yet.
by astara July 06, 2015

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