A word to describe somebody who is terrible at sports. This person sits on the bench all game long and only goes in when your team is up by at least 4 goals.
Alex: Why doesn't Jared ever play?
Curt: He's dusty.
by mqt main street family November 08, 2011
A dumb hockey player who likes to use this word to sound cool. He can stop being "dusty" text a girl back and stop talking to his nasty ex.
Brandi is a "dusty" mother lover
by VSbetch38 September 22, 2011
Not cool, dirty, stupid, dumb, retarded, or last year. A more extreme form of buddy, but not quite icy.
Guy: "That song isn't just buddy, it be dusty as hell."
by vtib September 18, 2011
Someone or something that is very old, old enough to collect dust.
Misia: OMG that song that was just on the radio was amazing!
Arun: Come on maynee that song is dusty, it came out months ago.
by KVLD July 09, 2011
Saying that someone or yourself is dusty or getting dusty is referring to how messed up you get and therefore how awesome you are.

Dusty is in reference to hittin "Duster", otherwise known as whippets. Specifically in reference to inhaling high pressure air from the cans that are supposed to be used for spraying dust off computers and such.
Damn look at Myke D chug that whiskey, he's gettin dusty tonight!

by Dusty Dougie September 10, 2010
Something that looks unpleasant or ugly
Chris: Hey I'm about to get on that Crackdown 2 demo, I played the first one it was pretty cool.
Benji: Yea tell me if its cool.
Chris: Damn dude...
Benji: What?
Chris: Damn these Graphics are Dusty.
Benji: haha its supposed to look like that...
Chris: nah, aww, man, fuck these graphics are way Dusty..waste of my time
by ToXiCxB June 26, 2010
dirty tattooed biker trash
I would stay away from that place, only dusty's chill there.
by gypsystick August 14, 2009

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