Although originating from the word hydroponic, marijuana no longer has to be hydroponically grown to be referred to as 'dro'. Rather, it's a general term for standard, 'good' weed, in other words that which is better than mids and schwag, but not as good as headies and crazy strains.
Yeah this is pretty good dro, I found like three seeds in the whole ounce.
by guy who smokes November 03, 2007
Some damn fine pot, hydroponically grown to suit your needs.
Money rolls, cars and clothes, that's how all my niggas roll

Burnin' dro, 24's, that's how all my niggas roll
by TI November 03, 2004
The term means hydroponic, as in hydroponically grown weed.

There are male and female marijuana plants, when you let a male release pollen onto a female plant the female will produce seeds in her buds. If there are no male plants around the female plant will still produce her buds, but there will be no seeds inside, which gives the plant a lot more energy to produce THC. This is commonly referred to as "hydro", though to grow seedless bud you wouldn't necessarily need to use hydroponics.

Hydroponics systems work by filling a bucket filled of hydro ton (airy rock pellets) with nutrient enriched water for a few seconds every few minutes. The plant uses little energy to grow roots as it doesn't need to expand to get nutrients it needs, and can use it's energy to grow leafs and buds.
AK-47, White Widow, Black Widow, Purple Haze, are all hydroponically grown seedless bud.
by MustJustBe December 23, 2006
An extreme loud tone of voice; a male voice, generally Baritone, somewhere between 110-115 decibels. Increases proportionately with alcohol consumption.

Power saw at 3' 110dB
Sandblasting, Loud Rock Concert 115dB
That guy sounds so Dros. He is scaring the children.
by D'Stino July 18, 2012
dro is a slang term for good weed that was cared for and had good genes, as oppose to the shwagg you'd get from a ditch. dispite what you may have learned from rap, hy"dro"ponics is not some magical plant growing system that foolproofingly produces super plants. There are two things that make weed good: its genetics and the love from the caregiver. there are many techniques, nutrients and plant training methods for good weed production (humans have been growing it for over 5000 years). organic is my favorite, you can do organic hydroponics,aeroponics, or soil. this produces what some call " connoisseur cannibus."
light up the dro
by cannibusconnoisseur August 20, 2010
Ghetto style wod for Hydro.
"'Dro is all I smoke."
by Diego August 30, 2003
being lazy or in a rush
Did Alex do his shit before he left?

-Nah, he Dros'd it
by Dap, Dap May 22, 2011

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