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hydroponically grown cannabis, potentially higher yields than organic soil grown but in many cases harsher and chemmy tasting due to the lack of care gven by commercial growers.
this dro is fuckin nasty gotta go organic man
by fatman January 09, 2005
a shoe show is a strip show ,thats all they wear
hey lets go to the shoe show at big earls , i need more
yanking material
by fatman September 26, 2005
shoppinbags breasts was made up by my three year old son.
look at the shoppinbags on that one
by fatman April 15, 2005
the act of going down on men with hoi
Karl is a fruit who gives out free hoidowns to his man-lovers on the weekends.
by fatman March 05, 2004
high yielding fairly potent commercial strain of cannabis, mostly indica
yo man i got that chronic
by fatman January 08, 2005
The Greatest; and/or The Shit; or/and/or Completely Awsome
"Dude that shit is fuckin golden"
by Fatman March 12, 2005
purple microdot acid cooked up by Bear Owsley
woh dude you look like a little green alien :)
by fatman January 08, 2005
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