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1. strain of weed
2. bro, dogg, man
1. This dro is dank yo!
2. What's up dro?
by zdogg6 August 05, 2012
short for hydrocodone.
"You know where I can get some dro(s)?"

by KDtha1 June 20, 2008
A dro is the one thing you do not want as a friend. it is the ultimate example of a fake, unreliable, annoying, and everything in between type pf person. he is the guy that acts cool with you but really isn't. she is the girl that seems interested and never calls you back. it is the worst of the worst of any type of person and if you do not know a dro, then consider yourself lucky.
James:man, fuck Cody!! he owes me $200 and doesn't answer my calls!!!

Bryant:man, Cody is a fucking dro.
by TALLMIDGET818 October 27, 2013
A type of marajuana that is in a league of its own. The 'high' achieved is totally different from the other types of weed. It has a higher potency than any other grade of harvested weed. Dro is hydropnically grown, indoors, in a medium other than soil; with controlled light, temperature humidity, and precise amounts of nutrients delivered directly to the root system. A pump circulates the nutrient rich water constantly over the roots, allowing the marijuana plant to increase its amounts of THC exponentialy giving it a white, fuzzy appearance and a very high potency.
There are many grades of marijuana: Shwag, regalatti, mids, sinsemilla, dank, super dank... and then theres dro.

Me and my peeps got sooo stoned smokin' that dro, we couldn't even drive much less get off the couch.

by J u l e s March 14, 2007
A type of sunflower.
Wow that dro is dank!
by AK90H!7RIDEORDIE November 18, 2010
1) A physically attractive male or female.
2) Something that is good.
A: "That girl is dro."
B: "This drink is dro."
by PoppyNYC June 13, 2009
1.) Short for Hydro. Hydro is weed that's grown underwater.

2.) To smoke weed /have a sesh / blaze it.
1.) Damn, the homie is on D with dro. You wanna put 5 on a sack?

2.) Let's dro! I gotta fat sack on me.
by jamesKush January 02, 2011