Top Definition
Regular marijuana, the dirt shit.
I got some shwagg the other day that got me lifted.
by Ryan the Tw0 StEpeR April 03, 2003
the dank ass dining hall that everyone hates but actually loves at montana state university
Hey, lets shwagg!?
by cashmulababy February 16, 2011
any outward display of extreme confidence/swagger
Jim, "Dude Deevo's got so much SHWAGG"
Larry, "I know right"
Deevo, "Yawwwwwwwwp, yawwp"
by Larry Lobster January 15, 2011
Shwagg is when someone has so much swagger its ridiculous.
"Look at his Shwagg"
"He Better Work with all that Shwagg"
by Rellztm <----- (AIM) June 10, 2009

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