Well dro is basically a dude-bro. He acts like your regular "bro"- ridiculous. Instead, he dresses differently. He and his fellow dros rock tighter pants, mass amounts of flannel, and usually can be caught sporting a skateboard and may or may not be flipping their man-bangs out of their eyes.
"Look at that dro skating down the street"
by rjd90 October 05, 2009
homemade marjuana
c'mon pass the dro, lil wayne (:
by hanna jaamac January 09, 2010
Opposite of SHWAG.
Marijuana grown using HYdroPONICS.
Its bout sleep-thirty for me, that DRO was off the chain!
by RaseGrymes November 03, 2006
a straight g'd up gang straght outta cashville tenakey

stands for Drug Running Outlawz

and is responsible for over 90% of drug imports to the suburbs of nashville tennessee
Yo man i just bought a quarter key of blow from {DRo}

the members of DRo smoke and ounce of dro a day
by Annoymous615 March 09, 2007
relatively cheap marijuana. especially with me cause i got contacts. A step us from mersh and mids but less potent then shit like haze.
"yo i got some of that dro"
"nice nice ill be over in a bit and we can smoke that shit"
by smokeweedeveryday November 30, 2006
dinning room orderly -someone on KP in an army mess hall who cleans up tables
I'd rather be a dro then clean pots and pans.
by jake smith May 25, 2004
San Leandro California bitches. YAY AREA WHAT IT DO!
im from the dro bitch!
by TEEEEEEE-RAVIS June 10, 2005

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