1.) Short for Hydro. Hydro is weed that's grown underwater.

2.) To smoke weed /have a sesh / blaze it.
1.) Damn, the homie is on D with dro. You wanna put 5 on a sack?

2.) Let's dro! I gotta fat sack on me.
#dro #hydro #sesh #session #weed
by jamesKush January 02, 2011
A stronger,more powerful type of weed.But where im from (Dallas,Tx) its real expensive.
Man that was some fire ass dro my nigga!
by EstevanG February 26, 2005
Ok well here's the NO-BS definition now: slang for marijuana grown with the aid of hydroponics. Nobody can tell the difference between good hydro and good organically grown after it's been cured, so all those people rappin' about smokin it with their "niggaz in da hood" are morons. Remember, most rappers used to be idiot drug dealers anyway.
That's some good dro (and that's as far as any example should go)
by n0thing February 25, 2005
Herb grown under water through a system known as "Hydroponics". Has a specific smell to it, is very potent and is characterized by lack of seeds and hollow stems. Dro is the only herb with hollow stems, so if in doubt, check the stems.
You you wanna get high?
Yeah lets light up this dro
Oh fo' sho!
#weed #herb #blunt #tree #hydro #hydroponics
by hgc2001 March 22, 2007
Daily Random Orgasm
Filippo experienced his DRO as he rubbed his....
#orgasm #daily #random #sex #rub
by MCMargarita October 25, 2008
Daily Random Orgasm
Filippo experienced his DRO rubbing his....
#orgasm #filippo #madi #sex #hot #leg
by Madi Margarita February 25, 2009
1. slang term for illegal drugs
2. a bag of weed
Yo biatch you wanna go to my crib and smoke some dros?
#pot #marajuana #drugs #weed #the mary-jane
by katie and natalie November 11, 2005
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