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a random form of saying sweet,cool,nice,good job. formed in a dorm room around 2 am when the word was randomly blurted out. and was instantly used in everyday vocabulary. cought on by the words catchyness and absurdity. can also be randomly blurted out to fill in for awkward silence.
your Facebook post:bout to get my swag on tonight at the club

friends comment: seedless ;)

... alone with roomate silently studying... say: seedless.
by bushy hooded warrior June 01, 2011
To get belligerently, or completely drunk. Typically or usually with good, close friends.
Dude! Phil, Dan, and I went out and got totally seedless!


Well guys, Looks like we all need to get seedless tonight.
by Phil_on_uni May 04, 2010
1) In the absence of Seeds. When something like an apple has no seeds

2) A word which is featured in the song Take On Me by mmmstaley.
Timmy: Oh Look, this apple is Seedless.
John: You mean it has no seeds.
Timmy: Yes, that is exactly what I mean


Mmmstaley: Seedless to say
by CheekySwan May 03, 2009
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