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16 definitions by TI

A term made up by governments so they can tack on extra punishemnts if you do something to someone of a different race.
Killing is killing, it shouldent matter what race the murderer or the dead guy on the floor is.
I shot someone, but he was black so i get an extra 10 years because shooting black people is a 'hate crime'...
by ti August 20, 2004
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The name for the US military's current close air support aircraft. It can carry a multitude of missiles (Maverick), cluster bombs (CBU97), and guided bombs. It also carries the General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling gun. It is as large as an old Volkswagen Beetle, and has 7 30mm, quick rotating barrels that fire armor penetrating rounds.
The Iraqi Republican Guards shit their pants when they heard the cry of the A10's turbines and the yell of the GAU-8/A.
by TI November 13, 2004
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The Carolina states
This one if for my Cackalacka niggas
by TI April 20, 2004
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A Howitzer is a powerful, automatic loading artillery cannon. The current artillery in the USA military is the M109 Howitzer. It is mobile and can fire many, high explosive rounds at far away targets. Howitzers are generally used for support or to soften up an area before said area is invaded.
Before the massive assault on Fallujah during Operation Iraqi Freedom, starting in November of 2004, Howitzers fired many rounds at strategic targets to soften up the area, then fired during the invasion when soldiers needed support.
by TI November 13, 2004
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-something that any idiot can use as a cheat sheat(if programmable)
-but that few actually bother to program...

-TI 83
-TI 89 {to expemnsive to own, borrowed from calculus teacher}
-TI 92 {to expensive for school to own, borrowed from Texas insturments}
AnyIdiot: yo I wrote da answers too da test in my calkiladder....and i stull get dem rong

aFeW: I solved the problems in my head, and used the rest of my time to program my calculator to send instant messages, and emails.
by ti June 09, 2004
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Internet Acronym: I Am Not An Expert

Used in conversation when it is necessary to point out that this is not your field of expertise.
Light waves CAN turn corners, in a process named 'diffraction' don't quote me though - IANAE!

Another letter is often used to denote the subject area, ie. in the above example, IANAOE could be substituted to give: I Am Not An Optical Expert!
by Ti August 19, 2004
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Some damn fine pot, hydroponically grown to suit your needs.
Money rolls, cars and clothes, that's how all my niggas roll

Burnin' dro, 24's, that's how all my niggas roll
by TI November 03, 2004
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