Fucking kickass powerband from London. They are so fucking fast its amazing. They literally put the power in power metal. Nothing but pure kick your face in awesomeness. I cannot wait until they come into the states. You have to hear how fast they are. Their guitar work is unmatched in power metal and the drumming is the drumming of gods. Some may call their lyrics "cheesy" but it is better than you could ever do. Trust me you cannot match their skills in instruments. Don't believe me download "Soldiers of the Wasteland" That should change your mind.
Dragonforce literally owns power metal. No other power metal band can match up to their overall technical work and skills with the instruments. Forget Blind Guardian. This band owns power metal
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The dragonforce is the sixth fundamental force in the universe. The force manifests itself where ever a kid hyped up on mountain dew needs a musical accompaniment to late-night online gaming. No one knows exactly from where the force originates, but it is speculated that some sort of temporal flux threw some excess energy from the 80s into the present time. The magnitude of the dragonforce equals the mass of a guitar string times the acceleration given to it by Herman Li’s guitar pick.

In order for humans to harness the dragonforce, they must go through several steps:
1. Lighten up about your music.
2. buy a CD
3. drink 2 red bulls
4. load WoW/NWN and enjoy.
Because of Dragonforce, my soul and my spirit will go on for all of eternity.
by S. Dragonforce November 18, 2006
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Despite what some people say, Dragonforce is actually "good" judging the quality of their songs. But there are a lot of things that make them seem bad, and tempts me to say they suck, when they really don't. A big problem is their fans who don't know shit about guitar and look at them play guitar at really fast speed and think they they
are the best guitarists ever just because they play fast. Being skilled at guitar is NOT playing really really fast, it is being creative and being able to do things hardly anyone else can. Look at Jimi Hendrix, he played with his teeth for the love of Jesus! Dragonforce cannot play with their teeth (I'm not trying to insult Dragonforce, I'm just making a point that Jimi is a better guitarist.) And before any homo tries to give me a thumbs down, Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist that ever lived, go to your music store (the people there know real music) and ask any employee who the best guitarist that ever lived was. They will all say Jimi Hendrix, no question. Also, a lot of their songs sound very much the same. Not all of them, but enough that would make people point it out. Also they get old. Even the Dragonforce fans have to admit their style gets old kind of quickly. Fast guitar playing gets boring after a while! And one last thing. Dragonforce is NOT the best band ever. Not even close. Once again, I'm not saying they're bad, they are good but there are much better bands.
Gay person: Man Dragonforce is awesome they play so fast!

Straight person: Dragonforce is OK but skill isn't based on speed dipshit.

Gay person: Yeah it is!

Straight person: Dumbfuck you don't know shit about guitar!

Gay person: Yeah huh through the fire and flames is the hardest song on Guitar Hero.

Straight person: Guitar Hero is just a game! Idiot it's not real guitar! (Even though it is fun)

by Critical Acclaim July 10, 2008
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A truely great power/speed metal band. people who don't respect them are usually the dumber (no offence) breed of metalheads. People who do respect them usually play instruments themselves or are metalheads with a true understanding and respect for music. Even if you don't like Dragonforce, you must respect Herman Li for his talent.
Dragonforce completely took the show at ozzfest and I think bands like Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, and Cellador are the next step in metalution.
by moses x August 08, 2006
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The best band in the entire world period
If you dont like dragonforce you must be one of those emo fags that needs to get a hard kick in their tiny balls and listen to some actual music.
by nigglet May 04, 2005
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The greatest power metal band in the history of the world. If you dis agree I'll DAIPWN you.
Dragonforce, FUCK YEAH
by Drake Dragonslayer February 20, 2005
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Ok, now I'm going to approach this from a different angle than most people who dislike DragonForce. Yes, I've heard many of their songs. I don't care about the lyrics (even if he does sound like a 12 year old) but hey, it works. People seem to worship this band because it has fast instrumentals, but people please! Every song I hear by them is EXACTLY same as the last song, they change about 5 damn notes and give it a different title. Yes, they can play the guitar, and very well, but it's all just repititive power metal which makes the whole metal genre look bad. If you want to hear a kick ass super fast guitar riff, go listen to Terror Train by Demons & Wizards.

On a side note, Blind Guardian kicks DragonForces ass. Sorry it's true.
DragonForce fan: "Man this is song is awesome"
*30 minutes pass
DragonForce fan: "Wait didn't I hear this 30 minutes ago? ...WTF is going on here!!!"
Me: Told you so.
by IshubarashI November 07, 2007
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