(Verb): The act of completing a task in the most extreme and most fervent manner possible. Much like the effects of PCP, one will focus solely on the task until it has been completed far, far beyond the point of overkill.
"I dragonforced the shit out of that bitch!"
"Please hold while I go dragonforce my way through this test"
by Ikeda February 25, 2008
A band whos songs sound exactly the same with the same fast "pokeymon" like guitar rhythms. Thus Sucking.
Ian: dude dragon force rox! lawls!!

Katie:dont be a fucking retard, I'd rather stick sporks in my ears then listen to that sucky repetadive "metal" crap you call music.
by Toberz April 21, 2008
A band originated from London that epic fails compared to Firewind. They lack the ability to think of any new songs, so they reuse the same tune and words every time.
Shit, them dragonforce won't stfu
by ifukdyermom February 13, 2009
The hardest metal known to mankind.
Diamonds are crafted using specifically-designed drills made out of Dragonforce.
by randomly February 06, 2009
(n) The greatest speed-metal band ever. Mostly rejected by toolbags who don't know what real music is.
(v) To totally jamm out/To play the guitar most excellently without intention.

(n) "Woa dude, Dragonforce is the bombdiggitybomb dot com!"
(v) Micah: "So dude, how was the jam session?"

Brad: "DUDE! It was the awesomist thing ever, I totally Dragonforced that thing!"
by FenderDude February 10, 2010
One of the greatest speed/power metal bands ever created. Sadly, all but one of their songs is underrated because of noobs that only heard them through guitar hero 3, so they only like 1 song and diss all the others.

Through the Fire and Flames is their most popular song but others include Operation Ground and Pound, Valley of the Damned, Storming the Burning Fields, Fury of the Storm, and Soldiers of the Wasteland.

They have 3 albums out:

Valley of the Damned
Sonic Firestorm
Inhuman Rampage
Joe-Dude did you ever hear Operation Ground and Pound?

Dan-No, who makes that? Sounds pretty awesome.


Dan-*listens to song* nah Through the Fire and Flames is better...

Joe-...gh3 noob.
by Wyocaster April 05, 2008
An alright band that little kids that get Guitar hero 3 listen to. usually a person grows out of listening to their repetitive beat. Seriously if you listen to their albums, they have the same rhythm on most or all of their songs. Their music is alright. The only way that kids find out of it is playing Through the Fire and Flames on guitar hero.
Younger Brother: Big brother, I just played Expert Dragonforce on my guitar hero 3. Their music is so awesome I'm going to have to listen to more of their music!!

Older Brother: Please don't. *leaves the room*
by scoops haagen das February 25, 2011

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