One of the biggest names in power metal. Unfortunately the music they create is about as real as professional wrestling. It seems great until you realize it's fake. All of their studio music is HEAVILY edited before making its way to album. The only names that deserve credit for their albums are the Sound Engineers. And maybe the guy who created the 3 riffs they repeated over 4 albums.
Dragonforce is not actually metal, rather Teen Pop.

Just A Few Good Power Metal Bands: Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Kamelot, Gamma Ray, Edguy, and Firewind.
by The Ruffio February 09, 2009
A Power Metal band who are often criticised for their rise to success ironically after the appearance on Guitar Hero III. Some people hate them because they're too fast but metalheads show dislike to them due to their staged guitars. Herman Li has admitted to editing studio sessions and synthesizing notes.

Due to this, various Power Metal fans are arguing whether they "deserve" to be within the genre.
When performing live they are considerably worse than in the album. This infers that DragonForce do alter for better sounding.
by Noldor April 13, 2008
What everyone thinks power metal is like...
Me - "Have you heard of Symphony X, Blind Guardian or Dark Moor?"

Moron who watches MTV - "Are they like DragonForce?"

Me - "Yeahh....except imagine competant song-writing, better themes, no whammy pedal, and sloppiness reduced by 100%".
by Tordah February 17, 2009
An Overrated Power/Extreme Metal Band. The Singer Sounds Like His Balls never dropped when he was a teenager. Although they are make good studio music, their live performances are sloppy and just plain bad. They play out of Key, And herman li cannot play his own solos live. They have become famous and very popular through studio magic but in reality are pretty dismal musicians compared to the likes of megadeth and slayer
DragonForce Fan Before Concert: OMG! DragonForce rock!! I cant wait to see them live !!

DragonForce Fan after Concert: I cant believe i wasted money going to this concert, they cant play their own songs!
by freeman101 June 13, 2008
The most overrated band of all time whose lyrics are all about dragons and mystical knights and things that a 3 year old could think of. Their musical influences are the backround music in video games and they can't actually play the shitty music they write so when they record albums they play it at less than half the speed and speed it up with an accelerator. When they try to play their songs live, they end up sloppy and get many complaints from the audience. They aren't true metal in any way. They guitarist also can't reach far enough with his hands to play some of the songs so he has to put them over the neck rather than under.
1:"I listen to Dragonforce. I'm such a metal head!"
2:"No your not. You're just a douchebag"
by BlastBeat October 22, 2009
Very good power metal band from London. Their songs consist of fast-paced guitar solos, fantasy-based lyrics and electronic sound effects to enhance the video game influenced music. Dragonforce is made up of vocalist ZP Theart, guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, bassist Frederic Leclercq, keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov and drummer Dave Mackintosh. Produce excellent music such as "Through the Fire and Flames", "Heroes of Our Time" and "Black Winter Night"
whoever thinks Dragonforce suck live should watch the videos of Graspop 2009, they were great
by ionbc November 02, 2009
A good but overrated power metal band. Usually overrated By Stupid American Teens.
They have great potential to achieving more if they got out of the "fast" power metal scene.

Though 2008 They Have IMPROVED their live Performances.
Example: They are so fast. Herman Li is the Best EVER!

Sam Totman : LOLWUT? I guess I'm not part of the Band.

Smart Dragonforce Fan : Alot of stuff is Similar, but still good and overrated. Thank you for that Guitar Hero.

by Megajorge September 02, 2008

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