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1 definition by Biggitybiggity

A power metal band from Europe consisting of 2 lead guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a singer, and a keyboardist. All the members of the band are very talented. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dumbshit. And anyone who says all of the band's songs sound the same must really suck at listening to music...if that is even possible.

Many people say DragonForce's music takes no talent to play simply because it IS fast. That is just stupid in itself.

The band is a good example of power metal and just because bands like Rhapsody of Fire or Blind Guardian have been around longer doesn't mean that DragonForce are "wannabes" of them.

The singer's voice is decent and fits the music well (it is power metal).

While some of the band's songs may sound slightly similar because of the high tempo, none of the songs are even close to being "exactly the same as the one before it".
"DragonForce is amazing!"
"No, they suck."
"Wow, you are a dumbass; have you even listened to their songs?"
"Well, no."
by Biggitybiggity August 30, 2007
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