The greatest power metal band in the Universe. Worship them.
These solos make ejaculation unavoidable.
by Jamie Hesketh October 28, 2004
An international power metal band based in England. They are composed of six members from 5 different countries over 3 continents. They label themselves as "extreme power metal" because they incorportate elements of speed metal and thrash metal into their songs, and as of their latest album, Inhuman Rampage, they have added harsh backing vocals that can be heard on songs such as "Revolution Deathsquad". They replaced their drummer before the recording of "Inhuman Rampage" with Dave Mackintosh, formerly of England's symphonic black metal band, "Bal-Sagoth". Their songs are incredibly fast, although there is at least one obligatory "power ballad" on each of their albums. Most of their songs are at least 5 minutes long, with several around minutes in length. They are known for their energetic stage performances, and for their excessive alcohol consumption during concerts. This does not affect their ability to play, but the lead guitarist, Herman Li of Hong Kong, has been known to trip and fall on stage. They cite many classic metal bands as influences, such as Iron Maiden, and played at OzzFest in 2006. They have three major releases so far: The Valley of the Damned (2003), Sonic Firestorm (2004), and Inhuman Rampage (2006). Their first concert in the United States was cancelled due to the fact that they were lacking proper Visas, but they eventually played in April of 2006 at the Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. They played second to last, with the last band playing being Gamma Ray.

Comparable bands to their style roughly include the following:
HammerFall, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Dragonland, Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, and Demons & Wizards.
DragonForce is a highly talented band. If they are not "heavy enough" for you, or if the vocals bother you, then you should not be listening to power metal. People with no knowledge of music dismiss them along with all other power metal bands for having fantasy inspired lyrics, because they are most likely too obsessed with rap lyrics about homicide, drug dealing, and fornication.
by ConradoThePirate November 01, 2006
Noun. When you play quarter notes at a 250 tempo over a fast drum beat. Named after a shitty band known for using this technique to make them sound fast.
I can't think of a filler song for our new album so we might as well pull a dragonforce instead of being epic like Wintersun.
by ziggidynambapoook April 20, 2008
Dragonforce is one of the most horrible, abysmal, atrocious bands ever. They are the exact reason why I hate 90% of most power metal. Just another lame and cheesy Iron Maiden/Judas Priest wannabe band who sings about slaying dragons in castles, with an extremely bad singer who has a high-pitched girly operatic voice, and WOW, their guitarist plays fast, woop de friggidy doo, doesnt mean he's good! Thankfully, in 2006 these assclowns were originally supposed to be on Gigantour, but of course they went to crappy Ozzfest instead.. Good, Gigantour is way too good of a fest to have such a horrid band as this- They deserve to be on SharonFest! Dragonforce sucks! If you're going to listen to power metal listen to Kamelot or Blind Guardian, and to the bastard that said "Forget Blind Guardian", Hansi Kursch should kick your ass for that! SORRY that he actually SINGS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! and SORRY that Blind Guardian can actually sing about medieval/fantasy themes without sounding like a bunch of Final Fantasy-worshipping 10-year-olds! And to the loser who said "These solos make ejaculations unavoidable"... you are a pathetic, sorry excuse for a human!
What's more horrible, drinking Bud Light or listening to Dragonforce? My guess is listening to Dragonforce.
by Holden McNeil June 15, 2007
Fucking kickass powerband from London. They are so fucking fast its amazing. They literally put the power in power metal. Nothing but pure kick your face in awesomeness. I cannot wait until they come into the states. You have to hear how fast they are. Their guitar work is unmatched in power metal and the drumming is the drumming of gods. Some may call their lyrics "cheesy" but it is better than you could ever do. Trust me you cannot match their skills in instruments. Don't believe me download "Soldiers of the Wasteland" That should change your mind.
Dragonforce literally owns power metal. No other power metal band can match up to their overall technical work and skills with the instruments. Forget Blind Guardian. This band owns power metal
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 05, 2005
British metal band that formed in 1999. Also a band that almost nobody liked or even heard of until Guitar Hero III came out. Now, everyone says that they love Dragonforce, even though the only song that they've heard by them is probably Through the Fire and Flames, maybe Operation Ground and Pound. Everyone who likes them Post-GH3 likes them because they play really fast. The members are ZP Theart, Herman Li, Sam Totman, Vadim Pruzhanov, Dave Mackintosh, and Frederic Leclercq.
person1 - hey, do you wanna listen to some dragonforce?
person2 - who?

person1 - hey, do you wanna listen to some dragonforce?
person2 - hell yeah, through the fire and flames!
by iduncurr March 11, 2009
Despite what some people say, Dragonforce is actually "good" judging the quality of their songs. But there are a lot of things that make them seem bad, and tempts me to say they suck, when they really don't. A big problem is their fans who don't know shit about guitar and look at them play guitar at really fast speed and think they they
are the best guitarists ever just because they play fast. Being skilled at guitar is NOT playing really really fast, it is being creative and being able to do things hardly anyone else can. Look at Jimi Hendrix, he played with his teeth for the love of Jesus! Dragonforce cannot play with their teeth (I'm not trying to insult Dragonforce, I'm just making a point that Jimi is a better guitarist.) And before any homo tries to give me a thumbs down, Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist that ever lived, go to your music store (the people there know real music) and ask any employee who the best guitarist that ever lived was. They will all say Jimi Hendrix, no question. Also, a lot of their songs sound very much the same. Not all of them, but enough that would make people point it out. Also they get old. Even the Dragonforce fans have to admit their style gets old kind of quickly. Fast guitar playing gets boring after a while! And one last thing. Dragonforce is NOT the best band ever. Not even close. Once again, I'm not saying they're bad, they are good but there are much better bands.
Gay person: Man Dragonforce is awesome they play so fast!

Straight person: Dragonforce is OK but skill isn't based on speed dipshit.

Gay person: Yeah it is!

Straight person: Dumbfuck you don't know shit about guitar!

Gay person: Yeah huh through the fire and flames is the hardest song on Guitar Hero.

Straight person: Guitar Hero is just a game! Idiot it's not real guitar! (Even though it is fun)

by Critical Acclaim July 10, 2008

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