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A load of bullshit started by a greedy Jew Sci-fi writer.
That nufag thinks that scientology is actually about religion? Its about giving your leader all of your money!!
by ifukdyermom February 09, 2009
A spontaneous explosion of the ganetaila, causing the victim to die instantly. This disease only affects horny teenagers
Newscaster: Cuberboober has just surpassed cigarettes as the leading cause of deathe in American teens.
by ifukdyermom April 16, 2009
A band originated from London that epic fails compared to Firewind. They lack the ability to think of any new songs, so they reuse the same tune and words every time.
Shit, them dragonforce won't stfu
by ifukdyermom February 13, 2009
When a man, while boning a girl, pushes it in so far that one, or both of their balls get stuck in the girl's vagina.
Haha. Look at that guy, he's got to wear a ball brace for his fucknut.
by ifukdyermom February 20, 2009
What the FUCK is wrong with you? You are looking up a slang definition for the site that you're on. DUMBASS
Guy 1: Ooh, I should look up urban dictionary on UD.
Guy 2: Jackass...
by ifukdyermom March 27, 2009
a chicken that looks like a regular fat-ass chicken, but has an oversized dick for a head.
Guy 1: OMG! What the fuck is wrong with that chicken?

Guy 2: Nothing, its just my dick chicken....
by ifukdyermom March 02, 2009
a fist put straight into the asshole
we were in a fight when the cheating fuck donkey punched me!
by ifukdyermom March 04, 2009

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