Human Growth Hormone.

Not all HGH use is steriodal

It's used by body builders and other athletes to increase strength and build mass. However, if used excessively can be dangerous.

Is sometimes used in conjunction with insulin to further increase mass, however this can lead to perminant damage; such as diabetes and insulin resistance
Billy the body builder takes HGH to bulk up.
by DrJones December 09, 2007
Barry Bonds MLB's most commonly used steroid, knowingly taken by Barry Bond in his quest to become the biggest freak in all of professional sports.
"Barry, hit some HGH wit me dogg before da game, wes gonna win 2nite!"
by Crazywildcat April 06, 2005
Haitian Growth Hormone very similar to Human Growth Hormone, however only Haitian people have access to this special version.
That Haitian guy over there is on HGH Haitian Growth Hormone.

That Haitian guy in the gym was skinny as shit last week, Now he is big as F***, he's on that HGH Haitian Growth Hormone.

That Haitian guy Jed takes HGH
by TheReal2_PAC June 11, 2014
A shortened form of the phrase "Hey girl hey" intended to be used as a greeting.
HGH! What are you doing tonight?
by Lilpheebs November 13, 2010
The Home Grown Herb aka Marijuana
Ya me and my bud baked on that HGH the other day.
by theman137 December 20, 2010
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