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good thing
much love
jon you won the lotto!
11 43
cool, awesome, rad, hip, supercalifragolistic
"WOW! You stole a car! That's so dice!
by kekie December 07, 2003
12 45
The word Dice has several meanings; i.e. conquered, cool, or sweet. This was a word from the Kanata Krew's lingo.
- I think we should go play sting pong

- Dice
by Kanata Krew July 08, 2004
15 49
To totally whip someone in a fight.
John just diced Paul.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
5 39
Interjection used when something happens
"You failed the test? Diiiice"
Your arm was severed in a freak lab accident? Diiiice"
by Gollum March 28, 2003
4 41
slapping someone back and forth on both sides of their face.
i'm about to dice you if you don't shut up about your haircut!
by Bubba Zanetti May 03, 2005
4 42
Slang for earlobes
Stop rubbing your dice on me.

Your dice tickles.

Want to massage my dice?

There's hair on your dice.
by Big G February 02, 2004
14 64