good thing
much love
jon you won the lotto!
The word Dice has several meanings; i.e. conquered, cool, or sweet. This was a word from the Kanata Krew's lingo.
- I think we should go play sting pong

- Dice
by Kanata Krew July 08, 2004
To totally whip someone in a fight.
John just diced Paul.
by Action Squirrel April 04, 2003
Interjection used when something happens
"You failed the test? Diiiice"
Your arm was severed in a freak lab accident? Diiiice"
by Gollum March 28, 2003
slapping someone back and forth on both sides of their face.
i'm about to dice you if you don't shut up about your haircut!
by Bubba Zanetti May 03, 2005
Slang for earlobes
Stop rubbing your dice on me.

Your dice tickles.

Want to massage my dice?

There's hair on your dice.
by Big G February 02, 2004
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