East coast term for tight or off da hook. Describes an item not an action.
Sup yo, that prosthetic leg is backgammon!
That catch was backgammon!
by J-Wit December 18, 2005
the word backgammon can be an alternative for the word sex. you would use it like if you were in school and you didnt want your teachers to know what you were talking about. or if you were at a family party talking to your cousins about who you fucked, you would say you played backgammon.
"dude this weekend i played backgammon 5 times"
by thedeparted May 09, 2007
Backgammon, bak-gam'mon- means back-game-on...like you just took a dump or snapped your carrot in the middle of a dice game...and you are back in your seat and ready to roll dice...so you say back...game...on... the gay community took this to different levels by switching the words around... onbackgayman and backongaymen...they also changed the rules...double sixes gets you a reach around while you get your tail stuffed...and snake eyes gets you a nut rub!
Backgammon~He tried woman... but he is backongaymen!
by draconious August 05, 2007
The strategic code name for sexually orientated activities
Akkmed: Mohammed, what you doing tonight?
Mohammed: me and the bitch gonna play some backgammon in the back of my hektic gemini
by Spandexxx January 16, 2005
The use of clingfilm in sexual intercourse.
"Brian, we've been married for 15 years now and i was wondering..."
"NO! Stop asking me for a game of Backgammon, im not that way inclined!"
by Rob Parker November 03, 2003

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