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Meaning six (6) of something, in reference to the number of sides and highest number on a standard dice, being six.
Only a dice of people showed up.

He picked up a dice of beer from the gas-station.
by 4Ringer May 28, 2011
20 15
When in a large crowd, you call the Name of someone you recognize, and make sure they know its not you. When they turn around to see who called their name, you yell "DICED!"

Most commonly occurs in Boardman High School.
Dude: "Joe"
Joe: *turns around* "yeah"?
Dude: DICE!!!
Joe: "Damn, Why do I always get diced"!?
by Avanelle March 14, 2008
75 72
Verb. To kiss some one. To hook up. Origin, Natal, South Africa
Example 1
Person 1: Bro, what did you do last night?
Person 2: I diced some hot girl at the bar!

Example 2
Person 1: So what were you doing over there?
Person 2: I was catching a dice with some bint
by Bigg Jigg May 26, 2009
16 13
Used when making two peace signs, one with each hand. used as a "whats up" greeting. sometimes crossed infront of ones chest as a substatute for a wave bye.
"hey throw some dices at that nigga" or "dices hommie"
by Zac Smith June 14, 2004
5 6
Dice is the sexiest member of gbatemp. He's famous for his phrase "Are you shitting me?".

9001 years ago he gave B-Blue a 10% warn for creating a fake account "Some guy". Today, B-Blue still have that 10% warn and is proud of it until the day he dies.
"Don't worry, Dice. I will always love you ^_^. Not in a "I wanna have sex with you" kind of love... well I actually don't mind that." ~B-Blue
by B-Blue May 08, 2009
17 20
1. a word used when something meets your satisfaction
2. can be used as a threat
1. Sara: I got you something for your birthday , but you have to wait to see it
Abi: Awe, thanks man, thats so dice ?

2. Sara: I forgot to finish our project !
by mechael April 20, 2009
10 14
Relating to games played with dice, esp dungeons & dragons or other fantasy games.
My friends tattoos are all of dice stuff. (I.E. orcs, goblins elves and the like)
by FiveGallon March 22, 2009
0 3