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a measurment used to measure out drugs..weed, coke for example. Aka, a g, a dego
"Yo, I need 2 grams of that fine coke"
by homegurl420 July 25, 2003
The basic unit of mass of the International System of Measurement (Systeme Internationale). It is defined as one one-thousandth of the SI base unit kilogram in France. Its name comes from the Latin root grámma.
An average man weighs 75000 grams.
by biased, just like everyone else October 02, 2005
a slap on the forehead, used as a slight punishment for uttering something stupid. The "neck" of 2009
Guy: Hey man, wheres the bathroom?
Man: Its right in front of you, guy..
Guy: oh.....
Man: Grams! *slap on forehead*. Now you know.
by SlasherDasher August 23, 2009
1/21 of the weight of the human soul, as verified by science.
"Oh look, Steve died. Now he weighs 21 grams less than before."
by Le Bossman October 15, 2014
to absolutely destroy someones rectum, commonly with ones penis

g-ramming is not casual sex, it is kinkey, weird, handcuffed to the bed, tied up and beaten, begging, yelping, trying to get away, filthy, dirty, bathroom stall buttsex
the huge man picked me up with one hand and g-rammed me out of my mind.
by Joey October 29, 2004
Described as a fail when gaming.
Person A: Stop pulling grams, dude. You're killing the team.
Person B: That ladder is a catapult!
by JackieC24 July 27, 2010
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