Dice is the sexiest member of gbatemp. He's famous for his phrase "Are you shitting me?".

9001 years ago he gave B-Blue a 10% warn for creating a fake account "Some guy". Today, B-Blue still have that 10% warn and is proud of it until the day he dies.
"Don't worry, Dice. I will always love you ^_^. Not in a "I wanna have sex with you" kind of love... well I actually don't mind that." ~B-Blue
by B-Blue May 08, 2009
a nickname given to an irrefutable worthless piece of shit. Characteristics of this piece of shit includes huge teeth, dad sells gloves for a living,sucking a lot of cock, countless evictions,killing his mom to continue sexual relations with his dad, crying like a baby due to no friends,countless lonely nights due to people not wanting to call him, losing one ski, wasting money on Simpsons, apologizing when he gets dominated, thinks he can play tennis even though he sucks at sports, drives a piece of shit Thunderbird,afraid of movies like Saw II, gets Minnesota Cannonballed and New Jersey Nasal Sprayed by his dad. Others include assuming the position and getting repeatedly pounded in the ass by his dad and being extremely jealous and saying se dino for no reason, kicking people in the shins because he is too big of a pussy to hit someone when he can see the attack coming becausw he has no fighting skills. Also, he is the lowest possible level in society being the dirtiest of dirt, no one can ever be as low as this piece of shit is.
Zack is nicknamed Dice because he fits the definition perfectly. What a worthless piece of shit.
by Dirt Murph January 31, 2008
When on a message board putting a picture up of "dice" = DIE.
Loser456: How's everyone doing?
Coolkid: {insert picture of dice}
Loser456: Oh....
by Polly wanna cracker October 23, 2007
Dice means not nice or nasty.
'Why you dicing me?'

'That fish finger was dice, it had a bone in it'

by Louise Renn October 27, 2007
A combination of "dope" and "nice," thus being exceptionally good.
Kid from "My Brother and Me": That Kendall Gill is pretty dice.
by Scalabrini December 25, 2003
Full name: Andrew Dice Clay
Possibly the best rudest and funniest comedian of the 70's and 80's
Row row row your ass gently down my dick merrily merrily merrily merrily then she sucked my dick

yo i heard that before from Andrew Dice Clay
by Dylan aka DAT BOI March 27, 2007
cool, awesome, rad, hip, supercalifragolistic
"WOW! You stole a car! That's so dice!
by kekie December 07, 2003
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