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An outright refusal, denial or rebuttal; essentially, shorthand for 'no fucking way'.
Joe: Hey Johnboy, can I borrow a cigarette?
Johnboy: No dice!
by The-Observatory.net September 19, 2004
Someone who fumbles every thing he picks up, catches and gives to anyone. Dick fingers shows up at the bar, in a football game, making a sandwich - everywhere you can imagine.
Dave: Hey Bob, pass the salt.
**Bob drops the salt shaker everywhere, ruining everyone's food**
Dave: You fucking Dick Fingers...
by The-Observatory.net March 15, 2005
verb. Fineapple

1. To masturbate using only the fingertips over the very end (or Bellend) of the penis, where there is more nerve endings to be stimulated.
I had to ejaculate in 30 seconds or my balls would explode; so I had to get my fineapple on.
by the-observatory.net November 13, 2004

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