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Dumb Bitch - when a typical girl acts like a fucking brainless bimbo in a public setting, this act typically desterbs normal men and provokes anger and verbal retaliation.
Kelsey: "wow that girls a DB" Trevor: "no you're a DB, stop being such a DB."
by Guilford CT November 20, 2012
1)Short for Death Breath
1)Stella:Damn,boy!You got DB!
Wallis:(raises eyebrow)
Stella:Death Breath!!

by killstreak10 October 27, 2012
A abbreviation of the phrase dumb bitch. it is used most commonly said to the female gender, and it is used because the female is so dumb that they don't

know what u said.
Me- hey DB!!!
Gf- what?????
Me- Make me a sandwich.
Gf- Whats Db mean?
Me- Just make me a sandwich...*slap to the face*
by theirishjig January 07, 2012
a DB, or "drunk bitch", is a term used to define girls who get sloppy, annoying and loud while intoxicated.

This term, however is not limited to women. A male who displays the same behavior can also be referred to as a DB.
Ugh, Laura is being such a DB. Did you see her mackin on that fugly guy?
by Amazonians October 27, 2011
db: noun, adj, verb
db is short for dumb bitch. usually a moderately attractive girl who's parents have too much money and spoiled them rich. these girls are like a ferrari without the engine if you know what i mean. they are the girls that nobody likes to listen to and only have around to make fun of or booty call. nobody actually likes a db.
noun: shut the fuck up, you're a db
adj: that girl is being such a db right now
verb: she db'ed right into your bong and almost knocked it over. what a db
by it's queen bitch bby September 25, 2011
dumb bitch
you db.
quit being a db.
by alwayssmile:) May 12, 2011
The name given to a person whose body is naturally built like a beast, and is slightly dim minded and perhaps rather slow at times.
Person 1: that Tom Hill DB like.
Person 2: whats a DB?
Person 1: a Dense Beast.
by toojuicy December 21, 2010