a acronymn for a braid that stems from the pony tail.
(often refered to as a dyke braid because it is commonly worn by lesbians)

DB can be a rude nickname for somebody who wears that particular braid but is not a lesbian and does not look like one
wow nice hair. i love your DB

shut your mouth okay it looks cute
by dbreezy7 September 10, 2010
D.B. stands for Deadbunny who is a real person who annoyed someone to death
When your are annoying someone so much they want to die.
"I Think he going to D.B."
by Homer_94 January 27, 2008
D.B.=Dumb Bitch

Also there are D.S., D.C., D.W., and many more
Man, that chick is such a D.B.
by Ian Lopez October 16, 2007
dyke bitch
Dude your moms such a db

Shut the fuck up man
by gtrsdfgdfg January 12, 2011
man, your such a DB!
by Stuntinboy November 08, 2010
Stands for "drunk bitch" but can also sometimes sub as "dumb bitch" or "douchebag" or anything suitable. Can be used as any part of speech (verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, etc.) Used to label stupid moments that typically happens under the influence of alcohol, but oddly occurs when sober too.
"I just drove on the wrong side of the road, I'm such a DB."
"Let's be DB tonight."
"You DBed that night, when you puked all over the couch."
by The real DB February 15, 2010
Any of various motorcars manufactured by the Aston Martin-Lagonda corporation. DB is short for David Brown, the man who saved the company from bankruptcy after world war two.
The DB-5 is one of the, if not the most beautiful cars in the world.
by TylerJRw June 14, 2008

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