(Douche Bag)
1. Aiden Osborne.
2. Someone who is fucking dumb.
3. a jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygienic purposes. In other words, a device used to clean a vag.
1. "Aiden Osborne is a DB"
2. "Dude, that kid is such a DB!"
"Quit being such a DB."
"Aiden is a DB."
3. "Your mom needs a DB for her sandy vagina, she's a bitch."
by Chad and Frank November 10, 2007
Short for Douche Bag
That tool was being a real D.B last night.
by Stefan "Stevie Wonder" Enciso November 06, 2007
Drunk Bitch
Look at that db, she's so drunk.
by dbcreator December 14, 2010
DB: Stands for 'Dumb Bitch'
YOU:"What did that girl say?"
FRIEND: "Man I don't know she's just a plain ol' "DB"
by eznhuezzy July 12, 2010
The acronym that stands for "Da Bomb", a compliment generally given in the mid 90s. Specially used to reference cool people who have come to visit us from the 90s via a time machine.

DB is not to be confused with other phrases such as Delicious Bourbon, Drew Barrymore, or Diarrhea Bubble.
Hey Cheryl we're gonna call you DB from now on, since you came out of a time machine. Hope that's cool with you.
by OmahaABQ1878 December 23, 2012

A Tumblr blog that ended up as a trending topic on Twitter.

They are submissions from teenage girls and often guys about their time having sex with Justin Bieber (they're all made up)
Alfredo Flores tweeted:

"@JustinBieber WAIT until I show you what I just found... OMG just wait. #DEAD -__- HINT: D.B.S"
by OLLG September 04, 2011
db best relation ship derek + rebekah is db that is love
by kingfallen January 22, 2011

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