dude blower.
1. Look at all those dbs over there.

2. Alex is the biggest db that I know.

3. This place is so gay, theses fucking dbs all over the place.

4. Did you hear about all the dbs that came to my party last nite? It was so fucking gay.

5. Im not picking up that db, you can pick him up if u want to hangout with him. He's the biggest fag that I know.
by Frank the Tank 250 March 28, 2010
dislike button
Used on facebook as a comment on 'wall' posts, as a counterpart to the 'like' button, due to the lack of a real dislike button, posters may say db instead.
Often written as "/db/" or "<db>".
A:loves thatcher
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B at 19:00: <db>
by juleshs31 August 31, 2009
short for the word Douche Bag, evidently it helps the girls out with their monthy time frame, or period...
Dude, that guys is such a DB...
by Blackguard101 May 19, 2009
a lot of two word adjectives (usually with negative connotations) that all start with a "d" or a "b" all combined into one word. Used to call one person or thing MANY things.
DB = douche bag, dingle berry, dumb butt, dumb bitch, damn bastard, dodo brain, etc
by cuda316 July 10, 2008
initials for "dumb bitch". also known as furiously pointing at the top of your hand informing a person they are a d.b.
You know what you are just a d.b. points at top of hand furiously!
by steffanator March 25, 2008
Dry Ball Syndrome: when you go a week without any ass, Making you balls dry because of lack of pussy juice
Paul: I have D.B.S.
Ron: That sucks how long has it been.
Paul: 8 Days
by ben4545454545 September 05, 2007
db is an acronym. It may stand for many things. Examples are Dick Balls, Definitely Ballin', Depressed Bitch, Daniel Bang, Dansome Boy, and many others. It may be used to describe a guy named Daniel Bang. I really hate that guy.
Daniel Bang is such db, not in a positive way, but more like a douche bag way.
by Dakota Fanning April 03, 2007

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