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A mound of unusual looking potatoes that are never salted enough that we love to chew on and tell Chik-Ployees to give us for free around the texarkana area, sometimes demanded with a chicken sandwich.
Give me a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries... for FREE! NOW!!! Stop looking at the floor and get me my sammich!!!
by DJ Static November 06, 2007
a nickname you give to a tiny guy. a miniscule person that fits in your pocket.
person 1: hey, what are you doing tonight?
person 2: naa tonight im busy, im hanging out with my waffle fry.
person 1: fucking queer.
person 1: oh shit, i dropped my regular fry in between the couch seats. hey, my waffle fry, can you get it? you're small and miniscule!
person 2: sure.
by scabies October 14, 2011