db is an acronym. It may stand for many things. Examples are Dick Balls, Definitely Ballin', Depressed Bitch, Daniel Bang, Dansome Boy, and many others. It may be used to describe a guy named Daniel Bang. I really hate that guy.
Daniel Bang is such db, not in a positive way, but more like a douche bag way.
by Dakota Fanning April 03, 2007
(noun) short for dirtbag, rejects societal norms of relationships. one who take for advantage of one's partner. She is a prude, selffish bitch that is only looking out for herself. You can identify her because of her extreme muffin.
"Damn Sean, your girlfriend is such a DB!"
by I_AM_KRYSTEN September 30, 2006
A abbreviation of the phrase dumb bitch. it is used most commonly said to the female gender, and it is used because the female is so dumb that they don't

know what u said.
Me- hey DB!!!
Gf- what?????
Me- Make me a sandwich.
Gf- Whats Db mean?
Me- Just make me a sandwich...*slap to the face*
by theirishjig January 07, 2012
A large and not very attractive pilot who enjoys listenting to RUSH in his car instead of interacting with humans.
He is so DB. Is he really going to sit in the driveway all night and rock tunes?
by bourdonj January 22, 2011
The name given to a person whose body is naturally built like a beast, and is slightly dim minded and perhaps rather slow at times.
Person 1: that Tom Hill DB like.
Person 2: whats a DB?
Person 1: a Dense Beast.
by toojuicy December 21, 2010
Jar: WHoooooaaa..fureel?

Dar: ‎"real" as ur fuckin' skin tone.

Jar: i dnt qet it

Dar: its metaphor D.B.
by duuuurty darrrrling November 29, 2010
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