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An emoticon/smilie that represents a combination of :D (smiling) and the rightmost portion of d-_-b, a rare emoticon most frequently employed by east asian users, generally used to indicate thumbs up (among other things).

:Db hence is an unusual amalgamation of horizontal and vertical emoticons, generally used to indicate strong approval (and possibly elation).
Wow, that was a cleverly planned rickroll! :Db

I hope to see you published in the New York Times soon. :Db
#smilie #emoticon #:d #epic #win
by Dadiwalla May 26, 2009
1. A slang term derived from a respelling of homosex, used to refer to those of a homosexual nature.

2. Can be used to denote homosexual sexual behavior.

3. Also used pejoratively to refer to anything that is gay (also used in the pejorative sense). In this sense, "homo secks" refers to something that is found distasteful or undesirable for some reason.

All senses are typically preceded by the definite article.
1. That sodomist is the homo secks.

2. Butt secks is one kind of the homo secks.

3. Brussels sprouts are the homo secks.
#homosex #butt secks #gay #homosexual #buttsex
by Dadiwalla May 20, 2008
A person of the Indian persuasion, who now resides in the United States and identifies as "American." This is in direct opposition to FOB (Fresh-Off-the-Boat) immigrants.
I know how to pronounce the word raita, due to my browmerican friend, Ashvin.
#fob #indian #american #bromerican #brownmerican #brown
by Dadiwalla May 17, 2010
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