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Extremely ugly, haggard, broke down, and tore up.
(10-year reunion)
Megan: "Hey Jake, remember me?"
Jake: "Oh yeah, Candy, the dirty hooker from 57th and Market...have those warts cleared up yet?"
Megan: "No, silly, I was the head cheerleader, remember? You always wanted to go out with me, but I was dating the star quarterback of the football team. Well now I'm available..."
Jake: "Shit bitch, you were smokin' hot back then, but now you're straight up struuuuggling! Scat!"
by Nick D May 08, 2005
If you are in a situation that is hard and you're having troubling dealing and saying the word struggling just isn't gonna cut it then then u can put a little spin on it and add some flair.
did hear about jane and her drug rehab, she is S-T-ruggling.
by jubee2004 June 09, 2007
When a weed smoker is having difficulties gaining control.
"woah man, brian is geeking out."
"yeah man, i'm struggling."
by Siobhan H August 01, 2005
In the context of sports, when a team or player is offering an uncharacteristically poor performance over an extended period of time.
-Wow, our team has been playing decent all season, but they've lost their last five games!
-Yeah, they're really struggling right now.
by djbeerman January 09, 2008
sub-par behavior; ridiculous, or pathetic; just plain sad. Made popular at the St. Hugh's Summer Programme by two boys from L.A. One who is struggling is a struggler. A struggler struggles. The accusation of "STRUGGLER!" is often accompanied by a specific hand gesture. For example, take your dominant arm, reach behind your head so that the forearm rests against the back of the head, and point forward at the struggler with the index finger, therefore indicating the presence of a true struggler.
"Dude, Ms Noonan dropped her G&D's ice-cream. She's struggling."

"It's impossible to work the showers here. This is the struggling college."

"The girls are late! They are struggling stragglers!"
by Hayley Rushing August 18, 2006
walking a lot of batters when you are pitching
Kevin Miller was really struggling when he walked the first 3 batters of the game.
by rick ruggerio July 02, 2011
The act of living in or being inside of the Columbia University dorm building Ruggles Hall (lovingly referred to as Struggles Hall for its lack of air conditioning, pre-war construction and general delapidation).
Those kids over in Ruggles are struggling.

I'm gonna be struggling tonight at the Ruggles party.
by S Diddy September 19, 2005

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