A decibel - the most awesome thing in the world.

Contrary to popular opinion, the decibel is not exactly a pure measurement. It is a multiple - amplifying a sound by two decibels multiplies the frequency volume twice over, amplifying it by seven or more may blow your speakers, unless you have kickass speakers. On the other hand, putting the amplification to a negative number will reduce that frequency by the multiple.

Adding decibel amplification usually comes in the form of a number with a + for adding amplification or a - for reducing it.
Guy 1 - "Dude I just put up the speakers to around +15 dB!!!"
Owner of Speakers - "OH SHIT!"
by spokk September 02, 2005
Donut boner. An erection obtained while looking at an especially tantalizing donut. It looks so good it gives you an instant hard-on. This phenomenon most commonly occurs while extremely high and at Tim Hortons. Can also be used as a casual term to refer to getting an awkward erection in public.
John popped a DB looking at that hot chick.

That Boston Cream just gave me a mad DB.
by someoneudontknow101 November 16, 2014
Aka... Da Bomb, Don Bui, DeeBizzle. Known to be hung like wild stallion and fierce as a grizzle. Notoriously unforgiving when crossed. Once killed a man with his awesomeness. Girls can't stay away and dudes punch themselves from jealousy. He's the epitome of everything cool.
Dude#1: I'm baller status
Dude#2: You ain't shit, I'm presidential status playa!!!!
Dude#3: Pssssst. Y'all can't touch me... I'm DB'n all day, everyday.
by Khanster July 27, 2011
Noun - Abbreviation for "douche bag". 1. Someone who is a complete and total ass hole to others. 2. Someone who is completely oblivious to what is going on.
1. "What the hell are you doing Mark?! Get your shit together and figure it out D.B."

2. "Greg thinks he can never be wrong. He's the cockiest person I've ever met. What a D.B."
by Corey J. C. February 09, 2007
1.The act of demeaning another being to a lower life form/screwing someone over or brokedicking.

2.An absolutely pathetic, digusting, fupafied, lazy, arrogant, childish, short dick, mooching, selfish, half assin', self- righteous, narcissistic, two-pump chump, douchebag whom hide in closets.
Caesar: Hey bro, that guy pinched my bag! WTF?!
Chang: Yeah man, you totally got DB'd...

Chris: Can you belive the way that dude acts?
Jasper: Yes, he was quite a DB, sir.
by tophuu July 24, 2011
a ballsack
db <-- looks like a ballsack
by drummynator June 05, 2010
A Douche Bag.
Spencer from The Hills is the biggest D.B. ever.
by Jay Cam January 07, 2009

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